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09.06.2019 , 02:34 AM | #23
So my internet decided to die in the middle of doing Onderon dailies to test that since I neglected to do it before, but running Hammer Station again yielded 7:3 relevant-to-non-relevant drops, so it looks like that bit of RNG balancing is fixed as promised! Thank you! Of those relevant drops about half were repeats, however. I understand thatís intended as deconstruction fodder, though. Iím not sure how well you can fine-tune what the game looks at without risking some deep-rooted bugs cropping up, but if itís possible to avoid rolling the same part of the same set, that would be great! (Not that Iím going to complain AS much if I can use the mods attached to those set pieces though...something I should have realized in the three second grace period while deconstructing the duplicate piece. Oops.)

Renown still feels too slow, even with boosts, and Kai still seems too expensive. So does the other vendor, actually, especially for another random roll. If she could just sell ďlesserĒ gear pieces as-is it would make those prices worth it. You did say you had solutions in the works to getting specific pieces of gear, though, maybe Iím harping on something you already know?

Kaiís random item for half the price of available fixed purchases is a model maybe his fellow vendor over there could learn from though! I donít mind RNG if thereís also a direct method (see: command crates with the safety net of tokens and unassembled pieces)

Hope this was helpful, somehow!

(PS: I love the descriptions for the tacticals. Itís clear you guys had a lot of fun with them! Wasnít sure where to put this but I wanted to say it.)