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An alternative animation for a dedicated skill? If this is to expensive for a battle skill, the class-buff animation might work pretty well.
How about emotes as rewards!? In particular, something along the lines of an NFL post touchdown celebration. I.e. the kind that would draw a penalty in the current No Fun League? Or a peacock strutting type emote.

ideas for reward emotes:
  • breakdance routine: player finishes by spinning on his/her head
  • Player does an NFL inspired celebration (e.g.Clay Mathew's sack celebration)
  • WWF inspired emote
  • (2nd tier reward --- didn't get the top player on server reward)McKayla is not impressed type emote. For this I imagine a Jawa appearing and awarding the player a silver medal with player doing McKayla expression.
  • contact juggling emote a la Moschen / Labyrinth
  • special 4-man ranked emote reward: 4 player dance routine. E.g. if we are in a group and the group leader (who has the emote) emotes we get a 4-man Michael Jackson-esque dance routine. Perhaps this emote should require each member of the group have it in order to perform.
  • Blues Brothers inspired emotes

All top rewards should be exclusive in perpetuity (or for a very very long time).

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