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Both threads are pretty outdated and with the discovery of how alacrity interacts with the gcd, almost useless. Any of the calculations for crit and alacrity are useless for both threads now.
Yeah. The way to go is (for DPS), to get above 737 Accuracy and 1860 Alacrity (exception for Arsenal and Carnage) and put the rest into Crit Rating.

For tanks, all theocrafted options are also useless, because shield and endurance are always outplaying absorb and defense in operations. Use B-Mods (Lethal for VG/Shadow, Warding for Guardian), use the best shield enhancemants (shield > endurance > defense) you can get and shield-augments. If you are scared of diminishing returns, use one or two absorb-enhancements. In addition, use DPS-Relics.
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