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Sure, 25k fleet req is nice - but given that has to be devoted to ships and pilots it disappears quickly.
No, it doesn't. For that req you can have a perfectly serviceable ship. Additionally, you are on a bunch of alts I know and a bunch of alts I don't know, every day, doing dailies and such. A player who cared about actually getting a character into a good hangar, instead of a small army into top tier hangars, would not have anywhere near the experience you are talking about. Playing N characters is supposed to require N times the effort of playing 1 character, and you've chosen a very big N. It would be destructive to the game to make it about that playstyle- having a bunch of geared alts is a luxury bought with time (and sometimes money).

Your FIRST GAME gives you 25,000 fleet req, and usually at least 500 ship req. By three games in, you've earned around 25,500 fleet req and 2000-ish ship req, and up to thrice that really.

Mastering a ship has historically cost around 150,000 requisition. Currently it's around 75,000. The intro quest gets you one third of the way to mastered, roughly, if you are buying and playing that ship.

In the modern GSF experience, there's three general strategies to gear up. You do the one that is most common, as far as I can tell: you buy all the ships, and then you apply the ship req tokens from the daily and weekly to all of them, every day. This is a great long term strategy, costs no real world money, and takes a bit of time. If you play 2 games a day to complete your daily, then every 7 days you will complete 7 dailies and 1 weekly.

This is 12,400 ship requisition to your entire hangar each week. If this is all you do, then you will have your ships mastered- the ones you don't play- in a month and a half. This doesn't count your weekly fleet req bonus, all your earned ship req, and all your earned fleet req. It doesn't account for the fact that you have a bonus to each ship when you play it each time, or that you can engage in a req-farming playstyle without hurting your game play immensely.

There's another way to do this- dump all your reward req into one ship. Play that ship exclusively. If you play four games a day for a week, spend around 20,000 of your initial fleet req on that ship, and get around 1000 ship req each game, you'll have over 60,000 req on that ship- you'll be mastered in a little over a week. Of course, you can't probably do this on a whole bunch of alts, but that's not the normal play case.

There's a third way that is rare, and it's what I think you are complaining about- you can pay to convert ship to fleet, and then spend that fleet on that ship. This is similar to the second way, but it costs money.

In that case, after your first seven games, you'll have your weekly done, your daily done, your hangar unlocked (12 ships total), and then you'll pop your daily and your weekly. You'll now have 5200 req on each ship. Your main ship now has about 13,000 ship req. If you convert the 5200 * 11 ship req to fleet req, you'll have 62,400 ship req to work with- almost there- and assume you can get 8000 ship req over those seven games and you are within 5k, which is effectively done (especially because you may have some left over from the big and little fleet tokens). In this case, you have a mastered ship, and you have spent 2007 cartel coins to do it. A twenty dollar purchase is 2400 cartel coins: if you spend 100 bucks, you'll have spent less than 14 dollars.

That is the closest to monetization that GSF has- having a fully mastered ship, on day one, for 14 to 20 bucks. The real cost here is that your other ships are stripped bare of req, of course. Unlike the other games that do this, GSF ships don't come in "tiers"- you don't ignore the Mangler the moment the Dustmaker is available. While some ships are not useful, all offer novel play experiences, and none are intended to be bad, nor is their gating to unlock "the good ships" in any way.

If you are really bothered by playing more than seven games in anything less than a mastered ship- and remember, even a little req on a ship goes a long way, as regards armor piercing upgrades and the first few cheap tiers- then this 20 dollar purchase can let you skip even that. But most players won't feel the need to do this, and of those that do, most won't feel burdened by the twenty dollar cost, or will spend a tenth of that to get half the benefit.

The real fact is, the current state of req trades away almost all the GSF monetization that existed before, because it doesn't grief players into feeling that they should pay to upgrade. The initial version actually did, and some players actually just bought their ships after a few weeks of flying and wishing they had all the upgrades. This version will master your entire hangar in less than two months with two games a day. The lack of monetization probably hurts this game's appeal as a money source, but generally gets more players in than the previous model. I don't know what the "point" of GSF is financially, but generally in an MMO they hope to make enough playgrounds on their property that you don't get bored, and stick around with friends and spend your time on it. GSF is definitely doing that, even if it isn't getting people paying to get their ship upgraded a day or two faster.
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