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If I were to write stories, I'd love for my peers to critique me, because I'd see it as a different point of view. Off course, I wouldn't write one (I tried though) because I lack a fundamental writing skill: to be descriptive and concise (is that the word? it should mean short hahaha) at the same time. I also lack a serious amount of planning and forward thinking. I'm the type of guy who writes his essays in one stroke of the pen, never to reread it again... But I digress (a third flaw)... The point is, critique is important for growth... I know I didn't give much, because of my own lack of writing experience.

You really put a very well thought of version of Torian... I noticed when playing my Bounty Hunter that I indeed saw him as kind of a silent force, like a henchman. But when I read your first Mandalorian Story (I'm not an expert on Mandalorian Culture), I actually looked him up a bit (his likes and dislikes) and what I loved about him was the complexity of his (dis-)approvals for companion affection. Honor before all was actually really close to the way I wanted my own character to be...

Regarding Umbral, I got that "OMG, I'm starting labor" vibe when she abruptly left the room, but as long as it wasn't written, I couldn't be too sure so thanks for clearing that up ;-) I'm interested to learn more about her, because in this story she was depicted as a weird Sith... But I remember in "a Smugglers Tale" that there was more to her, and her child as well. I will have to reread that story, but it'd be my pleasure.

You seem to have a very good grasp of the Mandalorian Culture and its language (again, I'm far from knowledgeable) and maybe it's a nice idea to expand further on that in the next installment of "Of Blood and Honor". I'm sure that they'll have a lot of work ahead of them to restore the Cadera-name and maybe this is a good opportunity to show some other rituals/events/... that have a very significant impact in Mandalorian culture.

Finally, I want to ask if you have played through the Imperial Agent story line? I'm sure you will love this story as it has a lot of moral issues in it (deception, betrayal, those are our tools ;-)) and I'm interested to see a character created by you.
Torian has kind of stolen my heart in a very real way. Three bounty hunters later, and I still can't get enough of him. He's so very intense, always thinking about what he can do to be a better Mandalorian, and what he can do to prove that he is no aruteii (traitor) dar'manda like his father. After writing so much about him, he's become like my own character, and I feel like I have such great insight into his mind and what makes him tick - perhaps because my personality IRL is so much like his and Apoc's.

The two of them work well together, they have an almost jedi or sith-like sense of each other and what the other is thinking in combat that they don't need to speak very much. To them, the concept of honor isn't an outdated or outmoded thing, and neither would stoop to low or dirty tactics to win a fight, nor would they pick on someone who isn't up to their skill level - there is no fun in fighting the weak or defenseless, after all.

That isn't to say that they don't have the typical Mandalorian mindset of aggression and a lust for life - they do, which is evinced by the game they sometimes play of scaring people who unsuspectingly hit on them in cantinas and their desire to meet all conflicts head-on. Mandalorians are cautious and always have a plan B, which is why Apoc was distressed that she couldn't find any flaws in her plan to board the Incarcerator. It's hard to plan for contingencies when you can't think of any. Of course, none of them were expecting Raia Jesses to have been assigned to the Incarcerator after the death of Requiem Squadron in Jedi Hunt.

I'm floating several ideas around for the next Of Blood and Honor, and I really look forward to writing it, though I feel as if I do need to give them a little break before I have them run off and play dodge the blaster bolt some more. (Though Torian would point out, once more, that Apoc really isn't that good at dodging)

As for Umbral... yes, she appears as a strange Sith Lord in Jailbreak, though I attempted to keep her sinister air about her. She came off the way she did mostly because we were viewing her through Apoc's eyes, and Apoc thinks all Sith are full of themselves with an over exaggerated opinion of their own importance.

In Deepening Shadows, I will be showing Umbral through the eyes of her apprentice, as well as through the eyes of Jedi Master Isad'ia. Many people play their Sith as light side, and many fanfic authors humanize the Sith Warrior and Quinn to the point where they seem to lose the dark edge that really makes their characters. Umbral is supposed to be detestable, the embodiment of the Dark Side itself. Her love for Quinn is purely selfish - she will save his life only because she does not want to lose him, because she would be diminished with his loss.

I also attempted to bring out a bit of the rivalry between Quinn and Peirce, both for Umbral's favor and her affection. (Though poor Quinn has no idea that Umbral slept with Peirce after Quinn's failed assassination attempt). Peirce, of course, also has a burning desire simply to one-up Quinn, and Umbral toys with him just enough to give him the false hope that he might succeed one day.

As for the Imperial Agent, no I haven't actually finished playing through the story. My husband took a year to hit level 50, and told me he wanted to hit 50 on at least ONE class before I did, and Imperial Agent was that class. Now that he's finished with it, I will likely revisit the Imperial Agent after I level my latest version of Apoc (I'm on Apocalypsa 5.0 now haha), and after I level my commando to heal my guild in pvp because they whine an awful lot (I'M KIDDING GUYS LOL).

I do look forward to the IA, I got one to about 30 before my husband made his declaration of possession over the class I attempted to play it as more of a neutral-aligned character, though I think I may go mainly dark side when I revisit the class.
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