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Thanks for the reply... as I said, I am not married to it and I will play what is more competitive since I PvP. No point PvPing if you can't do it at the top level, right?

So, as I have played and learned to love all other classes and trees, I will go to something else if deception is underwhelming. Basically, Deception used to be at a level where a top notch, cream of the crop player could out-dps a well played dot-spread class... or it used to be. A very best deception player could out-dps a very well played Madness or Virulence in a warzone. Not every game, but often enough.

Can this still happen? Control aside, which a sin always had, is the dps on par?

Should I just do Concealment instead? Is that a better choice or are they in the same place?
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