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05.23.2019 , 01:52 PM | #237
I agree that a "Mandalorian" title should definitely be added to the game. In the Sith Warrior story (SPOILER ALERT) you are officially recognized as "The Emperor's Wrath" by the Dark Council, at the end of Chapter 3, which I thought was kewl as Hell! But alas, no title. Come the end of "The Shadow of Revan" expansion and lo-and-behold we got "The Empire's Wrath". Not the exact same but close enough and it made sense considering the story line in the expansions and the Emperor's story itself.

But to not get a "Mandalorian" title after Mandalore himself knights you as his successor (which to me says we become the new Mandalore and BioWare should be grateful we're not asking for THAT as a title lol) doesn't really make much sense. Yes, I know you don't have to accept his offer but I would imagine most players do, or at least the majority. And for those who do choose the other option, have a title for them too if they decide to put the title at that point in the game although I imagine they wouldn't do that and add it into an expansion instead.

Being called a "Mandalorian" by everyone including Darth Marr is really kewl so I don't see why they haven't given us the title. The whole reason I'm here is because I searched the net to find out if I get a "Mandalorian" title during the expansions. I have 3 BH's currently although none that have gotten beyond "The Shadow of Revan" hence my inquiry and coming here although I am working my most recent BH up there right now (lvl 54 currently, just finished "The False Emperor", heading into "Rise of the Hutt Cartel" now).

Consider me /signed and /requesting the "Mandalorian" or "Mandalore" title with all the other people in this thread. As a Founder who's been playing (and subbed) since launch day (and was an avid SWG player before that, pre-combat upgrade though or as I call it "The Biggest Nerf In MMO History" lol), I think it's only fair to give the players and payers what they want. It's not THAT MUCH to ask for after all.