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10.04.2019 , 01:18 AM | #29
So I ran a few missions, heroics, flashpoints, and pvp both arena and battleground.

Overall it was about as expected.
Hammer Station was a tad bit more challenging at level 70 veteran. Need to see if it can still be soloed, but not too slow or too fast. The gear drops are back to 4 per boss and all for DPS no more tank gear nice.

The rewards seem to be lacking compared to the flashpoints. A few pieces and the medpacks and one isotope in the Flashpoints I got nearly seventy isotopes. Then again I think I was the only one needing.

Quests seem to be fine.
Heroics are not dropping the supply crates not sure if it is because I am level 75 or not, but we may still want to max out our specialists.

Other than the cone head *** on the Death Knell set I like what the set bonus does for my DPS.
Still, think new assassin slash is situational at best.

I tested several things on the vendors and I am pleased the tank stuff stopped dropping on my dps, and has stopped from other sources as well.

I tested several sets with the same mods and still need to test the berserker's set.
Death Knell beat out the stimulated with the gather storm 2 piece.
The Awakened Flame beat out Blade of the elements, Rolling boil, and overwhelming offense with both sets.

I am learning what works and does not work with the mod variations. Still, don't like the RNG, but can't seem to beat it off with a stick. We're stuck.

With not being able to deconstruct anything it is hard to see how much Tech frags we get. I did the ten different things for the log and almost made it to 1500 points. Though I say I got 7 tech fragments from one of the bosses in Hammer Station. Was averaging about 160 pvp was way less.

Flashpoints over power pvp just by the shear number of drops and Tech fragments for the same or nearly the same amount of time.

Onderon still has the green gray blue map instead of the holo map it stated with. Very preschool and we all saw the proper map so no need to hide it. Fix it.

Stuff is still very hard to see and at some points I have to zoom all the way in just to see it.
Stuff that has to be found and targeted is not showing up. Could not find the armor where it should have been and the area on the cat walks had missing grannys.

Slicing nodes are still empty.
Mats gathered still not posting in chat.

I saw some of the numbers change and I have a good idea how many isotopes drop from fp bosses and it is not bad. Still needing four weeks of conquest mats for a green is breaking crafting. Should require ZERO!
Green for green blue for blue purple for purple. Such a simple rule.

I am tired cant think of anything else.
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