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09.25.2019 , 11:38 PM | #27
After reading other posts the prices on all the vendors are too high.

The drops in Hammer Station are fewer so fewer tech fragment. About 150 if you deconstruct everything you get. Twenty runs or sixty bosses per gear piece from direct sale? I know I can run five or six HS and hour, but that is severe grinding. Still, need to see how this will work with all the other dailies.

Reputation tokens need to remain as they are. Use on click. Bonus Renown tokens need to be the same way, and in no way should I be rolling on such a token in the first place. You are just changing this to be stingy and everyone is going to roll need on everything anyways so might as well take that option out too.

Also why are you changing things that have been in the game since inception??? If it is not broke don't fix it. I like getting my tokens and clicking on them to collect the points. I like being able to save them if I have too many for next week. I like saving my bonus tokens for toons that have a lower command/renown rank. I have many toons and I love my collect on use tokens.

Please work on the content of this game and stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Please get rid of all RNG. you would bring so many people back. Do any content you like earn currency and then buy exactly what you want, need, or desire.
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