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Gear has always been close to your level, even world random drops. With the new system if I am 306 I still maintain that if there is a world drop and it is BOL then it better be within my I rating level. I don't care where it came from. If it is going to be green 270-274 then it should be BOE.

If I go into an operation I do not want to bum rush the whole operation and kill the last boss in a bit over the time to run all the way from the start to the final boss. If it is not balanced at all with us being level synced to the operation there will be no other reason to run it other than getting achievements if we can face roll everything with half an ops group. Sorry I want the operation level synced to my level so it is a workable challenge. Or at least the VET and MM modes. MM flash points are level 70 on PTS if this is intended then I can see that for the Operations too. Have not seen KP on pts.

Speaking of BOE there is none so no one can find cheap gear to sell on the GTN. If the BOL is made for all toons some how then all cheap gear on the GTN or world skins that people like but cant find or don't have the will to grind for will dry up.

This brings my request of bringing the flashpoint and operation original drops backs for cosmetic reasons.

On today I did Hammer Station with my 306 gear didn't get a single 306 to come from the boss. Did get a Simulated gear piece.

Ran the weekly on CZ 198 and got only a 270 green random drop. The renown the quest was telling me I would receive 195k only gave me 88k

Ran the Onderon Weekly and only got 95kish with the weekly quest saying 212k So legacy and boost was not working.

Onderon Map is very low quality compared to what it started with. Mini map is horrible too.
Turned in a bunch of visual bugs that will make some quests hard to complete. Many of the quest points need to be raised or the vegetation thinned a bit to see them. Didn't have any real problem finishing the quests. Though the untamed torch quest is a bit buggy with the champion not being green until you light the pyre.

The two reward chests from Onderon gave no 306 gear. The four renown crates I got only one was 306.
With the reduced amount of gear coming from the Hammer Station bosses this will make gearing take longer. I see them reducing the gear drops to only one per boss and then the gear grind will drop to a crawl.

I like the hell out of BOL gear, but Hate the RNG.
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