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From what I can tell, each operation is most optimally tuned to whatever level it was released at. For example, EV was created when players were level 50. So when an XP is released and adds +5 levels, the devs have been artificially scaling each mob/add/boss up to the current server level.

It's my understanding that the devs want to switch that around, and instead revert the operations back to their OG level, while bolstering players down to level 50, 55, etc.

This makes sense to me. It's a lot easier to tweak bolster and cap players, than to edit each encounter in every single operation. Additionally, some bosses are kind of broken because they are not at their original level.
Whether you have 290k or 16k HP, the reverse-bolster won't address the fact that new abilities make more than half of the operations trivial even at the highest difficulty(minus the last bosses where the multi-phase nature of the encounters will still somewhat challenge people). And that's pre 6.0. With the changes they're bringing to classes, coupled with the reduction in HP(which will not account for the new way most classes function now), my guess is that outside of Gods NiM and the new operation, everything else will be a faceroll.