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I talked to some ranked tanks and I have been told that there isn't really one optimal way to build (hence why we chose to leave it out of the guide). All I can say for a fact is that the meta does lean more for tanks to be wearing more DPS oriented gear to optimize the amount of pressure they can produce while also trying to support their allies. So keeping in line with the current meta, I would suggest building with critical rating/alacrity/master. Defensive stats in pvp are not used often currently but I know for a fact good tanks still have a mitigation/high endurance set just in case situations arise such as they are being tanked tunneled.

I hope that helps.
I'm surprised about alacrity. I was just playing my Jedi Guardian tank (I generally stink at the melee classes, but as a tank, I was doing OK on this one in my standard PVE gear with all the defensive stats on the gear). Other than Blade Barrage, there isn't any channeled ability I can think of that would benefit from alacrity.

Also, if you could answer the second part of my question about whether stats on your gear in level 10-69 PVP matter at all, that would be helpful. Deciding if I want to regear my tanks.
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