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Quote: Originally Posted by michaelcshow View Post
Here is the response I received:

If I wrote such an unprofessional appearing response to a customer I wouldn't have a job.

I deliberately left out the support rep's name as I don't name names, but if this is the standard of a response it should be internally addressed.
Unprofessional would be putting it mildly.

Over the last couple years dealing with Customer Service, I've noticed a steady decline over the quality of ticket responses.

After Bioware outsourced their Customer Service center to the Phillipines, it took a nose dive for the worse.

I had to wait six weeks for CS to get back to me. The response i was given closing my ticket was saturated with poor grammar, an unfamiliarity of how the game works, and a lack of knowledge of how to do their job.
This Rep claimed they couldn't manually restore what i was missing, when in the past this wasn't an issue with another Rep.

Its painfully oblivious that English is not their first language.

At this point, actually getting a response back to tickets has become a formality. With any luck, you might get somebody Semi competent willing to work with you.

But the days of actually getting a CS Rep willing to go above and beyond for you are long gone.

If Bioware wants to restore players confidence with this outsourced Customer Servive center in Manila, then these Reps need more training, they need to be proficient in English, and actually play SWTOR so they can better connect & relate to other players ticket queries.
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