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I wrote a big long post breaking this down, but then I scrolled down and the two of you already got the point: population precludes stacking teams of similar elo together. it would create the same barren queues that you see in group ranked and that you saw in the preseason of 8v8 ranked. everything after the first 2-3 weeks of the season is simply too small a population. I can prolly prove this with my experiences on SF, limited as they were. Please scroll down to the conclusion if you don't wanna read the evidence...

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I'll give it one last shot to try and explain to you what is important to me. When I talk about quality matches, I mean put the 8 best players In the same game and make the fairest teams between those 8 players. Right now, this never happens. The system seems to put the worst players with the best players to help create more fairness (which is a good thing to aim for), but it absolutely does this with the cost of the quality of the match. .
this is a good point, but in my very limited solos this year (maybe 20 matches across 3 nights on two toons), there wasn't sufficient population to make a dent.

days 1-2 (3rd? week of season)(IO mostly 242s unoptimized): was carried a couple matches (one involved dropping out of spawn into a dead zone!); was never the worst player on my team but only the best in a couple matches (win or lose). variety of players in queue was such that I did not face or team with the same players more than once. went 6-5 or 7-5. just barely over .500. the definition of neither carried nor carrying. pretty pathetic vis-a-vis s1-6 when I last played.

day 3 (1-2 weeks later) (Arsenal mostly 258s unoptimized): was carried when I won. was the anchor when I lost. gave up in embarrassment and incompetence once I was ferreted out and focused down in 4 consecutive matches. Almost the same 8 players in each match (5 or 6 of the 8 were the same each match).

~20-something games isn't really enough to draw sweeping conclusions from, but I can say that it was very apparent when the population was large and when it was small. When it's small, no manipulation of matchmaking is going to mean squat.

you either load up a match with 4 strong players against 4 weaker players, or you mix the teams up for more even matches that constantly frustrate the strong players (understandably so).

unfortunately, 4 strong players vs 4 strong players or 4 weaker players against similarly weaker players requires a significantly larger population than the former (current) matchmaking.

to double down on the unfortunately, the current system of handicapping stronger players with weaker players is the only system that works as intended with BOTH large and small populations. so if there's going to be one of the two systems in solo, it logically has to be this one.