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Your lack of self awareness is kind of amazing. Not only is this statement arrogant and false, it's delusional. Your strategic superiority exists only in your head.

I absolutely laugh at you thinking you're a great player, because I've actually seen you play. You are not nearly as good as you think you are, and that's an issue when that is the entire basis of your arguments.

I base my arguments on my successful experiences in ranked. In 8v8, solo and group ranked over the course of different seasons, especially the earlier ones when I had more time to play. Ironically, its my own self awareness that allows me to own my own weaknesses. This allows me to create my own play style that best suits me for how what I think is best to win. A good example of this is the 12/31/3 spec I created which almost every other shadow/sin started to use back in the season one era. The only other top shadow/assassin that didn't copy me was turrrican who went more defensively grabbing the 25% dr during battle readiness.

On the other hand, you try to discredit me with only your opinion. When I play, you have no clue what I am thinking just as I would not know what you are thinking. Arguing with just your opinion is worthless. You need to bring more to the table if you want your opinion to have any weight. I back up my opinion with my successful results. What can you bring to back up yours?

I have no clue who you are as a player ingame. But I have a strong gut feeling I would have a good laugh if I ever found out.
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