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01.29.2019 , 07:26 PM | #63
T2 Scout changes:
Burst Laser upgrade changed to Shield Damage over Hull damage
Power diver > Retro Thrusters
Reainforced Armor > Lightweight Armor
Hydrospanner > Wingman
Some crew changes were added to change copilot as well

Reason: I've found people are using far less Protons in Domination these days and it's getting much easier to dodge these lethal missiles, so I've upgraded the T2 Scout to be even more lethal when on node. Burst laser change because most of your damage is on Strike shields these days and this let's you get to the Hull faster, I used to like the faster execution damage, but Strikes have such big shield amounts this help conserve weapon
T1 Strike:
Efficient targeting > Regeneration extender

Reason: I've the added weapon power to be far more usefull then the quicker lock on time since this this tends to only try to lock a Proton when it's a sure thing anyways.

T3 Strike:
I've added a second version of this ship since I use both fairly often depending on my teams setup.

Dampening > Range sensors

Reason: With the recent discoveries on how sensors work, the Sensor range on Strikes are very low so adding some extra since you're usually the frontline fighter helps your team more then dampening might.

This build utilizes Remote slicing and Emp missiles to land garanteed Emp's on nodes.
Remote slicing can also be used to help shutdown T2 Scouts that are giving your team problems at these nodes.
It also has tremendous staying power thanks to it's Turbo reactor and even further lowered Shield regen delay from Directions and the crew passive, it's shield arcs start regenerating after only 0.75 seconds of not being shot.

T1 Gunship:
Turning (Barrel roll) > Speed (Barrel roll)
Dampening > Range Sensors
Some minor crew changes to gain both sensor focus range and dampening while maintaining wingman

Reason: I find myself getting in fewer and fewer turning situations with my Gunship, however with all the other ships being so fast, it's nice to be able to get in and out of position faster. The Sensor changes have been minorly helpful in Gunship chess games where you can't have teammates spotting for you.

These are my changes for this round of updates.
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