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OMG... you new SWTOR players are freakin whiners..."make it easier or I quit"..... My husband did it on his FIRST try, its a pattern stupid... you cant sit there and RP walk through it, you click and you RUN out IN A PATTERN. my god, read a guide.. or try harder... or....grow some balls and suck less... or better yet - unsub.
Actually ive been in this game since beta. Making it to the datacron is simple. Its the fact that I cant run from the datacron, it instant kills me. My connection is great. My equipment is great. that tells me there is something else wrong and its not on my end. Why should I pay to play if I cant max out my toon. Im not asking for any hand out. But I do expect them to look into it. I know for a fact im not the only one having this problem