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There is no shame in wow, i am sorry if i made you feel bad. My comment was ment as a friendly remark of certain kind of posting/attitude towards players being more common on that side of the gaming fence. I am sorry if it came out bad way to you.

After the starts (failed) joke i said other things too. You should just read that part.
sorry if i misundestood. no hard feelings this is not about us but the issues discussed and its towards that that I am focusing my comments.
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Btw original poster you attacked
I attacked nobody first of all, pls refrain from claiming otherwise.. I debated my pov and my interest to which I have a right like everyone here.
As to your comments, I am aware it is not gear 'they' wanted but decorations.
thats why I mentioned 'ultra rare cosmetics' from WoW, like the pheonix mount: Ashes of Al'ar, obtainable only via raid (OPS) which is just an example OF MANY mounts obtainable only via raid bosses or the pletora of cosmetics items in other mmos that must be farmed from mobs or bosses with nonsensical drop rates "
Emerald Whelp: 64.246% chance to have seen it drop by now with a 0.1% chance to drop per whelp in Feralas

No-one is saying not to provide decos available via grinds, the posters request implies that there be NO decos/cosmetics available only via end game content...
Quote: Originally Posted by Xina_LA View Post
Eric Musco I cannot stress enough that locking anything decoration or stronghold related behind Ops or PVP is a mistake (with the exception of the trophy items for each Op).
The reason one feels compelled to address that post (other than it wanting to add reverentiality to itself by linking to a thread answered by 2 people and thus appearing to be imposing an agenda) is that it directly affects other players 'game' (and that of a majority to the advantage of a minority).
Quote: Originally Posted by Xina_LA View Post
Eric Musco -- Please convey to the team that roleplayers and decorators are sick and tired of being forced into PVP ...
...Lest you think it's just me who is deeply concerned by this change:
Quote: Originally Posted by Estelindis View Post
Thanks for the very quick fix.

If we could bring your attention to another thread, some of us are puzzled by the new Ossus decorations costing rare materials from high-level group play, .
Hence as I want the exact opposite, and feel my enjoyment of the game would diminish if there weren't rare cosmetics available only by 'beating the game' (as a sign of effort or whatevs floats your boat)
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They don't want to takle away from you, they want the ability to get the same thing via another way as well.
I don't want that issue. (which has been forcefully escalated to an inappropriate venue to supersede at the disadvantage of other more 'popular' requests :
Quote: Originally Posted by Estelindis View Post
If we could bring your attention to another thread... .
), to be perceived as not having its cons. thus i will voice my disapproval of it here (but not of those who advocate it - yes there is a difference), just as those who advocate it feel free to express so.
I find that the specific debate however, would be more sincere in its appropriate (starting) thread, where it will receive the attention it deserves from the community.

To further the above is the use of 'minorities'
Quote: Originally Posted by casirabit View Post
Just because you don't roleplay doesn't mean there are not those of us that like to roleplay
.. it seems only 'they' can be rpers (with their approval)... who is to say I don't role play too (btw: mmoRPG...)
and claim that different play stiles are hindered by not doing what is requested
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It's a carrot, not a mandate. You don't have to do anything in game except PvE. The other activities attract players to them by offering unique items by doing that activity only. There's nothing odd or wrong about this. Exclusive gear/decos are the perfect way to entice players to try something without forcing anyone to actually do it. If you really want something, you'll do what you need to do to get it (look at all the PvPers on Ossus running PvE for gear).
which suggests that a small part of the community wants to lobby its way to the top to have its way, as a consequence I feel its is responsible and dutiful to voice against such dishonest advocating of ones agenda's particularly as it happens via the denigration of the 'norm' (just read a few comments above: essentially; 'PVP and OPs are boring' or the comparisons to poo brownies with pvp:
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A proper one would go like this:

We both want a Ferrari.
The manufacturer insists that we eat brownies made with dog poo in order to get it.
Some people are willing to eat dog poo.
Other people say, "Can't we just pay money that we earned from our regular jobs?"
The people willing to eat the dog poo accuse the others of wanting something for nothing..
Quote: Originally Posted by MorseGod View Post
Stuff™ should be available to all who are willing to pay their subscription fee and play.
To clarify the above: a constructive debate would collect suggestions and proposals for specific rp grinds/activities -> related rewards and NOT request something be removed from another portion of the community.