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02.21.2021 , 11:10 PM | #188
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Hi just started playing again the past week after years off and on trying to get into as early as beta days. I have so much time now and have really invested so far but still definitely early in the process but looking for a guild to be a part of.

My Jedi Knight (and only so far) is Myrranii

Glad we were finally able to connect in-game and get you invited into our 'TEAM' side guild!

Have fun and let me know if you ever need anything yep.

Quote: Originally Posted by Loliampacking View Post
Hey I'am new to Swtor and was wondering if it was possible to join your guild my IGN is: Rei Sky, I am a Sith Assassin. at the moment im full sith but might change to a light sith assassin later.
I sent you 3 whispers in-game AND in-game MAIL , none of which you responded to (other than choosing to 'return to sender' my in-game mail lol) .

I guess you were busy umm....packing? Also just noticed you used my referral link too. Well, hope you end up subscribing at least.
*UPDATE: just saw a new in-game MAIL from you must've sent it a couple hours after i made this post.... No worries and if anything changes, feel free to let me know yep.
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