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01.26.2021 , 10:16 AM | #183
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Yes I must have missed your tell. I did join another guild because they offered me 2 million credits to join so I took it. I went afk shorty afterward for real life issue and ended up timing out and was not able to log back in until next day. By the time I had logged back in the guild that I joined had removed me from the guild for reasons unknown even after they gave me the 2 million credits. So I am still looking for a guild I guess.
uh-huh , well despite my reservations, i decided to grant you a chance and we ended up welcoming you into our guild (and into our 'Discord' ) . Then you immediately proceeded with a very umm odd gesture , which circumvented perms and violated our very casual guild "rules" (aka basic common sense ) . Yet still we gave you ANOTHER chance.

You responded to this gracious opportunity by "quitting" our guild this morning (barely a day after you "joined" ) , which just happened to be minutes after our large-yield Conquest rewards were given out lol.

Good luck with your next "guild search" .

And now in other news...

CONGRATS to a couple of our more hardcore members who recently got *gold* level in Ranked PVP, as well as (currently) holding a Top 3 spot on Ranked PVP leaderboard. Here's hoping u guys can hold on and progress even more for the Season 13 bonus items announced:
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