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Quote: Originally Posted by jedimasterFEESH View Post
Well no one else replied to the thread I posted except you. I do appreciate you reaching out. Are you still willing to take me in?
np and so glad we finally connected in-game and got you IN with us both guilds!

Quote: Originally Posted by Kalistar View Post
Hello, I am a returning player. Been probably 3 years since I really last played. Looking to join a casual republic guild and to have some friends I can ask questions in order to relearn the game. I have 2 level 70 characters but I have decided to start a new character in order to gradually learn how to play my character and use all my skills. If you would have me, I would like to join your guild. My character's in game name is Siervana who is at the time of this posting a level 11 Jedi Shadow.
I just saw you online in-game and tried sending you 3 'whispers' but you didn't respond at all.

Then i tried sending you a guild-invite and it said onscreen "player is already in a guild"

Also sent you in-game MAIL....but no reply there either lol

Oh well, i guess you must've found a different guild super fast after posting here in our thread?

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