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Well seeing as you have no idea that there is in fact Mastery Crystals, how in the world do you expect anyone to believe your "theory crafting" numbers??

War Hero = Mastery
Eviscerating = Crit
Hawkeye = Power
Indestructible = Endurance (tank only)

i dont pvp... thought they were still expertise trash... thanks for the info
im not asking for anyone to believe me. everyone should derive numbers with their own assumptions built into the math.

3206 al
crit 11960.35
mas 11942.66
pow 11942.63

1214 ala
crit 11929.02
mas 11928.68
pow 11928.41

looks like crit is still better in all instances... if you change the accuracy assumptions this could change, since you would free up around 600 points. seems likely mastery might be better than crit around 3800 crit or so...

edit. with 97% acc and 1.4 gcd crit is still better (3468 crit):

crit 11759.02593
mas 11758.68879
pow 11758.53962

at 1.4 s gcd you will want 5 mastery more than the lowest you can have (negligible), and crit will only get better with higher surge and crit buffs to abilities in the rotation... so i would suggest crit unless you just want high burst and/or you have auto crit machnics in your rotation. if you have 97% accuracy (1000 rating) you will want to have 528 more mastery than minimum:
mastery 11087.6843
power rating 9909
crit rating 3468.32
surge rating 3468.32
accuracy rating 1000
alacrity rating 1214
force/tech power 7008

crystal info:
crit 11759.02633
mas 11758.69588
pow 11758.54651

so mastery is still better than power at this point (and remember the more abilities you have with buffed crit/surge, the better mastery will be than these numbers)

with no accuracy (i think i heard thats a thing in ranked or soemthing..)
mastery 11975.57489
power rating 9909
crit rating 3580.43
surge rating 3580.43
accuracy rating 0
alacrity rating 1214

and looking into crystals again at 0 accuracy:
crit 11330.70931
mas 11330.41093
pow 11330.44095

so power is better than mastery, which means the 9909 power can likely be increased by sacrificing mastery (assuming none of your abilities have crit or surge increaser passives). neither power nor mastery are better than crit though...

if you have 1.3 gcd you will want minimum mastery