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I thought I had made a screenshot of it, but to my shock I had to realize that it wasn't saved by the game : A few weeks ago I had one GSF match - I don't even know what kind of match, because it was so quickly over - with my team having 50 points and the other 1000. Or was it 5 against 100 ?

Anyway, I pressed the PRINT key to have a screenshot of this, because I knew you wouldn't believe me. And now you don't.

Other matches - it was at the end of a conquest week - were also too fast over. One was over exactly ONE SECOND after i had joined, the other one 30 seconds or so.

If I remember correctly, this hammens when either one team has so much more points than the other team, or when one team has so much less players than the other team.

It still shows, owever, that there appears to be a great gap between good and bad teams, thanks to the matchmaking system.

(I think my server's name is Tulak Hord, but I don't care much about the server's name.)

As I remember, there was in ... I think it was 2016 .. a certain player in the other team in several of my own matches who was called "... the beast" by another player in my team. He was so incredibly good, he crushed my whole team several times one-handedly - or so it seemed to me. He was one of the reasons I gave up GSF.

I still do not believe that getting crushed is a good thing for learning, from an didactical point of view. I have yet to see a person trained in didactics and in psychology comment on the various theories about learning which are floating around in GSF and in PvP communities.
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