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To be clear, vanguard dps are fine in PVE, it's just PvP that they are having problems in. Vanguard tanks are fine in PvP, jugs are probably better but as long as you have a pocket healer, vanguard tanks are probably the best (good aoe dmg). If no healer, they are still fine, just not great.

Right now, the tankiest class is shadow (they get a 60% dmg reduction every 15 seconds from a utility), followed by jugs, followed by vanguards. The class that can do the most damage as a tank is vanguards, barely beating out jugs (and only in fights that reflect doesn't do anything) with shadows bringing up the rear by a good amount. Right now, all things equal I'd say jugs are probably the best, with vanguards and shadows next based on what you are doing and how good your group is (i.e. if you have great healers but poor dps, go with vanguard, but if you have meh healers and great dps, shadow is the way to go).

Anyway, all the tank classes are viable for all content in the game, and especially if you are doing sm and hm ops (which I assume you'll be doing for at least a little bit as you get back up to speed).
Problem is in regard to defenses and this is my two credits, Vanguards just don't cut the mustard. I mean it's pathetic when Commandos have better defenses than Vanguards. Plus our leveling is atrocious.

Guardians get leap at level 2 and Shadows can stealth, but Vanguards don't get their charge till lvl 57? And grappling hook at what lvl 18?

There are still problems that need to be addressed.
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