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01.31.2012 , 11:39 AM | #6
Melee dps is currently a lot harder than ranged with no real benefit.

Of the three you suggested, I'd say go Assassin. They're fun, they get all kinds of force powers (like push and lightning), you can STEALTH which can be very useful for solo pve and you can do damage or tank. Easiest to play of the 3, and most fun of the 3. Can still do plenty of damage, and is arguably one of the better tanks.

Juggernaut would be next, has some solo pve issues but nothing too bad. Can do dps fine or can tank, although jugg is the hardest / worst tank right now. Gets force push and heavy armor and can do some fun things in pvp.

Marauder is simply the most complicated class to play. You'll have over 30 keybinds if you want to be competative in pvp. In group pve marauder isn't too hard, but solo pve and pvp are very, very hard. Its a pretty fun class if you take the time to learn it, but there's no payoff for all that trouble. It can be hard to level and you can ONLY dps, no tank or heals, and yet you're about as good at dps as everybody else. (except ranged who are better)

Do whatever you like, do what seems fun. But thats my 2 cents, having played Marauder all the way and having played Juggernaut and Assassin to 20.