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04.24.2020 , 11:33 AM | #2
Forgive me if this isn't useful, but if the mobility issues are in your left arm, have you considered key mapping your action bar to the num keypad (Num 1 to 0, +, ., *, - all in easy reach with minimal hand movement?

I'm assuming here that you use WASD to move; if you use your right hand arrow keys instead, obviously I can see that wouldn't be overly useful, but with the issues you describe I would have thought that four or five keys on the left hand to move about, and then twelve on the right hand for abilities would be more practical?

As for class, both Guardian / Juggernaut and Sage / Sorcerer have fairly nice straightforward rotations. You'll probably want to go with the single target damage specs rather than the area of effect ones, to avoid the added nuisance of moving the AOE target circle to where you want it, which usually requires a third hand. (There may be some keyboard shortcut to auto focus aoe on current target. I don't know. It would be logical to have one, but I've never found it if so).
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