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What stats do people go for? Before 3.0 I didn't bother with crit at all, but it's looking like I need to put a good chunk in to even get to the low 20s for crit, and maybe allocate more surge than I did before. I'm still upgrading my pvp gear for 3.0, but it seems like it'd still be worth getting surge up into the high 60s. But I dunno, I'm open to thoughts.
To be honest, I'm not going off of the stat curves if they've changed since 3.0 (as you might guess I'm only around sparingly), but I've been using mostly stock gear thus far. For critical rating I'm aiming for 25%, because a few of your abilities have internal +5% critical chances from abilities and Disciplines, namely Trauma Probe (unlocked at Level 59), and Advanced Medical Probe and Bacta Infusion (with the Target Lock passive).

For surge rating, I'm aiming for about 65% surge rating or so, which can be tinkered between Alacrity and Surge as you like. I personally prefer Surge for bigger heals; but Alacrity is worth experimenting with since it does so much nowadays. But for the explanation of why to aim for 65%, or ideally 70% if you want to go that much into Surge -- you can get your surge rating up to 95% thanks to passive effects. Potent Medicine (Level 52) increases your surge rating on critical heals by 15%. Target Lock increases it for an additional 10%, so long as you can keep it rolling. So with all of those running, your effective surge rating is at least 90%. The best way to keep Target Lock rolling is your group healing -- Successive Treatment, Trauma Probe, and Kolto Bomb. Chances are good that at least one of them is going to crit, since they all carry multple chances.
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