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What does your utility selection look like?
I'm torn on whether to pick between Advance the Line & Med Zone in Masterfull and between Reflexive Shields, Shock Absorbers and Kolto Wave in Heroic.
I personally take
- Paralytic Combat Stims, Heavy Trooper, and Charged Barrier in Tier I;
- Med Zone and Combat Shield in Tier II;
- Shock Absorbers and Reflexive Shield in Tier III.

I do this because I really enjoy having a tanky healer that can take a lot of damage while still healing like a turret. That's my preference.

I feel Med Zone and Combat Shield in Tier II are pretty much mandatory for me -- they've been part of my build since the start and when taken together (with Reflexive Shield in Tier III) you are very hard to kill while shielded. And since Reactive Shields effective cooldown falls to about 50 seconds with Reflexive Shield (assuming you're taking damage constantly), I find it to be a very potent combination.

Of the utilities you mention, the only one I wouldn't recommend, and can't see really working well, is Kolto Wave. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea behind it. More healing tools are always good, but in this case the healing is it does is really weak in my opinion (especially for its position in Tier III). I don't think its worth it in its current state, and there are other things on Tier III that are more interesting. For instance, I can see some potential for building a more mobile (but perhaps less potent) Combat Medic that takes Advance the Line for more mobility and then something like Overclock or Forced March that also give you more mobility depending on what abilities you're using. Comes down to what you want to do.
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