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Let me put yesterday's reply differently; both Rattataki men and women are learned to defend themselves the same way we are learned to voice our opinion. Both has to do with law; both solve disputes that's concern the law and a conflict of interests. We learn how to voice our opinion and how to hold speeches so one day we can defend ourselves in front of court or to our peers. On Rattatak... Well, you get to defend yourself in front of court or to your peers. Just physically instead of verbally. Violence is a vary valid argument in the Rattataki culture and both men and women understand it.

However, an important note to make is that women are the gender that procreates the species and all Rattataki understand the implications of that. A). more babies means more mouths to feed. B). more babies means more warriors to defend the nest. Successful tribes(i.e. those with the biggest food supplies) are therefore more likely to take a gender-specific stance than 'weaker' tribes. This can be both matriarchal or patriarchal. The men might have 'enslaved' their women for the sole purpose of expanding the clan. Or, the women might have 'enslaved' the men to ensure their own safety.

It's all possible in the end, though. Just keep in mind that Rattataki have only three arguments; food, arms and violence.