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It's completely fair.

The only problem I have with it is is that it alienates friends/guild mates from each other.

For example a bunch of my friends are in already, whereas I doubt I will get in at all today. Obviously they aren't going to wait for me, and I don't expect them to, but it really sucks that we will all be staggered in levels until 50. Some of us may even end up leveling alone completely.

I don't there is really a better way to do early access if it has to be in waves though, so whatever. Allowing everyone in at once probably would have been fine considering a lot of people may be at work or school or whatever.

Oh well. Hopefully I will get in around the same time as someone I know.
Quite simply, the game is best played with friends. Once your guildies have their legacy names down, there really is no reason for them to not help you level (up to their point), so as that you can all proceed from there. There is no server first on level 50. And sure it may be slightly boring, but its absolutely magical to do those quests the first time with friends (primarily the fun in talking about the game in vent/ts while participating in a group convo).