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05.11.2019 , 09:05 PM | #64
I realized some of the ships weren't quite up to date so here's the changes I've added. I've also added new "ship showcases" from my YouTube channel links to some of the ships I play more regularly. These videos are me playing the ship or a very similar one and describing my though process a little while playing.


Reinforced Armor > Lightweight Armor

This change is because I find missiles aren't really as much of a worry as they used to be, and even though this ship has double healing abilities I feeling the evasion outweighs the little but of extra life you can keep healing back up too.

Imperium/Clarion: Turbo reactor version

Imp side defensive crew member: Writch Hurley 15% Shield regeneration/10% Shield max > Torian Cadera 5% Evasion/15% Shield regeneration

Pub side defensive crew member: Doc 15% Shield regeneration/10% Shield max > Oro Wogawa 5% Evasion/15% Shield regeneration

I've found just stacking more Evasion to be more useful with this build so I cut the shield max from it.


Railgun Drone > Interdiction Drone

I don't really see a whole lot of Scouts in Team Deathmatch anymore which is what the Railgun drone was so good at countering. So I've opted for the Interdiction drone which is much better for Domination and still decent in Team Deathmatch.


Imp offensive crew member: Jaesa Willsam 6% Accuracy/2 Degrees arc > Gault 6% Accuracy/12% Reload Cooldown

Pub offensive crew member: Qyzen Fess 6% Accuracy/2 Degrees arc > B-3G9 6% Accuracy/12% Reload Cooldown

Not actually sure why this was still on extra Arc over 12% reloads I've been playing this since the second month after 5.5 I'd say. Must have been something I just kept forgetting to look at. Anyways always take faster Reloads as it lowers the cooldown of your Railguns which is much more important then pre 5.5 because of the Ion railgun cooldown change!

I also added 8 new Ship Showcase videos to 3 of the ships.
2 Sting/Flashfire Videos
2 Mangler/Quarrel Videos
4 Imperium/Clarion Videos (2 Domination/2 Team Deathmatch)

If you just want to watch all the Showcase videos here's a link to the playlist:
The BastionTwitch Stream