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6.0 coming out tomorrow. Things you have to do to avoid spoilers and avoid toxic people.
Turn off your general chat in game in all areas including story zones you own. Some people can appear in your own story zone also, I think someone mentioned that before something called "instance bleeding" or whatnot I cannot remember. Turn off "allow same class people" thingy from your social/general settings.

Animals you have to avoid tomorrow in gen chat. Do not fall into troll traps.

-BioWare/EA trolls
-This game is dead trolls
-wow fanboys
-this better than that trolls
-sexist/racist animals
-Trump/China trolls
-real life stuff
-where is my precious dark side kira/jaesa trolls
-animals with character names something insulting or historical content/person
-bush did 9/11 trolls

If you want a better gameplay/story experience, you have to turn off your in game general chat. How to do that? Its actually real simple, click the VERY SMALL arrow icon at top left corner on your screen above general chat.
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