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[color=#f9d648]Hi Alexious,

Style is something that is very subjective and what some people love, others find unacceptable.
Style is very subjective indeed, but somewhere you have to draw a line on what should a certain character look like, or not look like. As subective a style may be, I doubt you will ever consider implementing a pink tennis player outfit style for troopers, or a '70s disco outfit for jedi consulars. That JK outfit is honestly just as bad, tho I realize it must not be easy to imagine many and more different and credible outfits for Jedis since the movies and the general canon don't offer much other that the standard robes.
Still, it's good to know that we'll probably get full customization for looks, that's the best thing you can do about it. The second best thing is change that crappy samurai stuff right off the bat :P