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Quote: Originally Posted by -KeggER- View Post I just have to max out my 5 companions on this toon to get the permanent stat bonuses, or do I have to max out all companions with different toons?
2. do I just need to get them to max affection 10k/10k, or do I have to complete all conversations?
3. where do I find these bonuses in the codex?
1. You get a +10 presence bonus for each companion you finish their conversation quests. The other stats (+1% accuracy, crit, etc) only apply once per companion 'type' (ie ranged tank, melee dps etc). These bonuses are applied to all characters in your legacy. For example, I have completed all of the companion quests across all of the eight base classes, so I have a +400 bonus to my presence score on all of my characters.

2. You get the crew skill crit bonus at 10k, but the stat bonuses do not apply until you finish all conversations - and you don't need to have 10k affection for that. Just get far enough in your class quest storyline.
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