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besides being against the spirit of the game.
seconded . it defeats all the effort of those groups that 'would' manage and prevents the newer players from learning full ops mechanics, and is a lot more boring than doing a normal ops. and yes considering how SM is auto mode with 258..
i mean... why not make a petition to remove all NOT last bosses from ops

...we all know which guilds are upset by this.
Which guilds?

Personally, I think LBLO's are great.

I mean, I love OPs, so I run whatever I can get. Look at it this way, if it's a night I know I can set aside 3-4 hours, then I have no problem joining up with friends and PuGs to run through Rav or ToS. But if I only have 1-2 hours, I'm super happy when someone says, hey, we've got a LBLO, want to come heal? Then, if I have time, I can run an alt through and DPS too.

So in my case, LBLO's are all about the time and fun factor. I have more opportunities to do what I like. With this upcoming change, basically I won't get to run OPs more than one night a week. Major bummer.
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