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^ 100% this. The only reason LBLO exist isn't due to people not having time. It's because people want fast and easy conquest. It was an abuse of the system that was within the rules to do, but BW is finally fixing it. I have no problems with them getting rid of LBLO, my only concern with no lockouts is if BW introduces a new raid, not every group will finish something bran new the 1st or 2nd time they enter it.
besides being against the spirit of the game.
seconded . it defeats all the effort of those groups that 'would' manage and prevents the newer players from learning full ops mechanics, and is a lot more boring than doing a normal ops. and yes considering how SM is auto mode with 258..
i mean... why not make a petition to remove all NOT last bosses from ops

...we all know which guilds are upset by this.