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All removing the boss lockouts from storymode will do is reduce the number of pug groups that will form for anything but EV/KP. Even for those you might get people more choosy about letting in newer or lower geared players.

Who's going to risk running ravagers and having the pug group fail at master/blaster if there are no lockouts? Currently you can just get a new group together and try again. Most OPs besides EV/KP have a potential to crash and burn some way in if enough players are either not good enough at their class, or unable to follow mechanics.

Currently with the boss lockouts if your pug group wipes and disbands you can form a new group and try again at the boss where you wiped. With no boss lockouts you'll have to start from the beginning of the OP again. That is a lot of time potentially wasted.

For conquest just don't have all the points for the final boss and you'll see more full runs forming.

Removing the boss lockouts will result in less full runs for pug OPs forming, not more.
Yep. And with the level De-syncing they're doing, it's gonna result in a LOT more fails on some Ops. Too many people are used to face rolling mechanics. There is going to be a LOT of rage in chat because of "noobs" wrecking Ops, IMO, after this launches.
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