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05.14.2015 , 05:08 PM | #36
Technically it's been pushed back, but we visibly have no active GSF development right now. The stuff that was "up next" might still be "next", but we have no ETA, nor signs of development in the slightest. The last changes made were to revert a large number of game breaking bugs introduced in 3.0.

The fifth class is the inflitrator, a set of ships with limited stealth abilities. Development was never completed, so we don't know exactly what the intention was on their stealth drives. There were three of them, and of the six models (two models for each type, one empire, one republic), they almost seemed like placeholders. Likely the amount of balance and model work outstripped their remaining time, so it was shelved for now.

The next map was widely predicted to be Denon TDM, because there were some hints of that, but that is also not being developed at the moment.

Hopefully this will change soon.
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