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Very impressed with your post. You make some excellent points and I hope that most of them will be addressed.

A few of the things you mentioned regarding class/faction limitations on gear really irk me. My inquisitor is really tired of wearing robes or having all her choices limited by whether or not she wants a hood/no hood or to show her belly or not. I made a previous post on the differences between appearances when equipping such items as the Traditional Brocart Vestments on a female and a male, and would really really like the ability to chose NOT to have the top be cut off at the midriff on my SI. Most of the beautiful artwork on this chest piece is removed as there is elaborate detailing around the waist when displayed on a male character. Plus there's the fact that it's one of the few sets that is not black, red or purple centric.

As for faction specific items, this same set displays radically differently depending on whether or not you are Empire or Republic. On the Republic side, this set looks like the robes that the Revanites on Dromund Kaas wear, something I'm sure quite a few Imperials would love to look like.

One thing I don't think I caught is our companions insisting on not putting away their weapons. It's annoying and seems random. I know when out and about that Andronikos runs with his blasters drawn about 90% of the time, but occasionally he'll start holstering them. I have no idea what triggers it but it shows that yes, they will sheathe their weapons when not in use.

One thing I would like to suggest to add to the UI functionality is a right mouse click menu for items in our inventory. On it would be certain options that would include "Equip on Character," "Equip on Companion," "Never sell to vendor" (for those items you may want to keep in your inventory but may forget when it's full of other things), "Never RE" (so you don't accidentally RE an item you didn't intend to), and... I had a few other ideas but have forgotten them. Maybe a "Equip on..." and have a fly list of all your companions.
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