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Good games and I appreciate that you guys queued, however I was mad at the fact that you used the corner of the hut bug in NC. That being said, I have now changed my philosophy to doing anything possible to win and that is because that way there won't be frustration related to thoughts like "what if we had used the corner bug too". If I play on my sorc, I will also use bubble stun etc etc. Just wanted to say it here before I get tell about going against what I used to say. I have changed my mind! I don't want to regret losing a game because of bugs or overpowered abilities. Also, if we ever did get the PTS or cross-server, there would really be no way to control the "abuse" if we call it that way, so I think it's good to start practicing with all of the possible "tricks". Still, very impressive display that PD put out tonight, I stand humbled.
It was good tough games for sure and had lots of fun. Now I know Ilye you hate stun bubbles but it is a spec and it should be used..everyone in rank uses stun bubble and in actuality ditto is body type 2 and I saw his name plain as day for corner capping. I mean when I see people corner capping I just spam aoe in the bunker but we were spamming cap and ccing too to cap. I know others who force camo and put themselves in the corner capping. It was a good tough match and enjoyed it. We had no idea what to expect. Look I would salv heal but when it is just me and one other healer you should have a stun bubble with that other healer. I do not mind doing either or but Stun helps mitigate damage and is more sufficient healing imo. Salv is great but when push comes to shove I like stun on me especially if I do not have a guard.

But you guys rock too and hope do more games against you Uncensored. Win or lose I still have fun Love ya Ilye!