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Class balance is total CRAP, like most MMOs. You have WAY to many stuns and WAY to many ways to break stuns, BUT the real problem is your lack of deminishing returns.

With that many stuns, its easy to be held out of the game until you die and never even move an inch. Sith and jedi being able to Leap to someone in huttball and skip through the map is rediculous and shouldnt be allowed if your carrying the ball.

Thats just like 2 things that wasnt thought through and is stupid. Alot of people myself included think the Sith lightning needs a NERF badly. Its way to strong and cooloff is way to friggin short.

I mean holy crap, you have people that are 40 in a Battleground fighting against lvl 10 people.
Who the hell CARES if you scale the lower people with health and a bit of power for what skills they have.?

You still have to deal with a player that has a BUTTLOAD of skills that just mow down players simply because its a HIGH LVL SKILL with outragous dmg.

Also would it really really be that hard to take the vendors with gear and actually make it so you can look at the armor or items by lvl? I mean COME ON, its already bad enough you cant put lvl gear on the same vendor. You had to mix it up with a whole bunch of other crap and you cant sort it properly.

I know one things for certain. Every person you see playing the OVER POWERED CLASSES, and you know who im talking about, is already reaching MAX lvl from just playing Battlegrounds, and will be fully geared to the teeth and impossible to deal with on opening day in battlegrounds OR out in world PVP.

This same kinda crap happened in ALOT of MMO's and im here to tell you, it did nothing but RUIN the game and LOSE subscribers, all because the company FAILED to address the issues and straighten it out befor final release.

Watch and see. Fix the Overpowered classes NOW, or your games going to suffer hard core, just like the others did.
You know which ones are the OP class. Its not that hard to find out, if you actually watch a battleground or pvp, and crunch the numbers.

Hell you dont have to nerf the OP classes. Just fix the ones that ARENT OP.
My 2 cents on which class i personally play and wanna see fixed is the commando. Its the one i like the idea of in a game and sadly i think it has issues that need fixed.

Great DPS as far as that goes, but to me it feels like shooting a BB gun.
1000 BB's fast with crap damage is still crap damage. making us stand still like a statue and get beat to death trying to live long enough to pull off a channeled ability that should OBVIOUSLY BE INSTANT CAST is stupid. They arent mobile and dont have enough staying power to live and get the job done.

Over half of there channeled stuff cant even be used in battlegrounds and plinking with standard shots is a waste of time. It simply doesnt do enough damage.

The only way you can channel anything is if they dont even hit you at all. The pushback for the abilities just sucks and the points to help the pushback in the talent trees is so pathetically a waste of points, its not even funny.

The percentage on things like plasma cell to ignite the target and then the dmg it does for a LONG duration befor it reachs the terrible total its supposed to do , is dumb and you wont live to see the thing tick enough dmg to even dent most players.

The assault tree just plain SUCKS. Even building it to help plasma cell it STILL SUCKS.

This write up started because of how messed up you have pvp right now and ends with my personal thoughts on my character class, the commando.

Its my opinion and anyone that doesnt like it, well tough crapola.
Bottom line is FIX the pvp and the classes NOW befor opening game day, or youll just find the same problem as every other company that was to stupid to do it befor it was to late.
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