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Very worthy thread.
Thank you, and thank you for the suggestion.

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Great job Sid. Keep posting great encyclopedias of stuff so I can get to 50 before you :P

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Looks good sid never in a million years could i have the concentration to put something like this together lol
definitely sticky worthy
Thanks Asp!

Scardoom, as for your post, I do see some threads floating around which talk about your issues. I haven't seen anyone really arguing that certain classes are OP, but certainly about CC. If you think a particular class is overpowered, please make a thread to argue out your points. However consensus I have seen so far says that there are no OP classes, just good and bad players - which is how PvP should be!

If you are talking about a specific class/tree being underpowered in PvP, that would certainly be something to talk about. Is your spec not good for PvP? Show us why not.

People levelling via PvP aren't levelling that quickly compared to quests, and one of the devs - StephenReid I think? - tweeted that everything is working as intended as far as PvP exp goes. People were level 50 via questing before they were level 40 via warzones + questing. And vendors don't really have anything to do with PvP specifically - you might want to try out one of the market threads in General Discussion.
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