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I was shocked the other week when I actually saw someone just run up the ramp and talk to the NPC as even if I skipped the odd miniboss or mob but I've always done the main boss in a flashpoint and found it disgusting that someone could just skip to the end like that, this sort of behaviour is nothing short of exploiting and in other games you'd be looking at a ban for glitching/cheating rather than the rewards.
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I agree that it is horriable that people find ways to exploit the game content. I personally don't have issues with not skipping bosses. The sad thing is some people do only speed runs and behave badly if you ask to kill a boss. In reference to my earlier comments, now that what most non-final bosses drop isn't an upgrade to most players( that is they took the free lvl 50 gear). Here is my perspective, I don't see it as game greaking if to not fight a boss all you must do is run around it. The Dev's possiably didn't care to set obstacles to make them required. Or they didn't expect people to spend untold hours exploiting terrain glitches to avoid all encounters. I know it might sound counter intuitive but I do agree when people flat out cheat to skip stuff it does perterb me. We play this game to have fun, not to deal with people acting like three year olds. The post where some one said ask at the start what the consensus is , is a good point. Also play with like minded individuals, that should cut down n the drama.