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What is the point of having separate Commando and Mercenary threads? They should be combined into a single thread so readers can view ALL responses, not just half of them. New ideas can grow from existing ideas that are posted, and splitting up the posts onto 2 different threads only hinders the process and helps in no way.

That being said, I think Mercs are fairly decent in solo ranked arenas. I really don't have a problem with being interrupted anymore because that's not how the fights pan out these days. With 2 charges of Power Surge, the Merc has enough options to last until someone dies, weather its the Merc or not. (The only way you are going to stand still and spam tracers is if you are 4 on 3, in which case you would most likely win regardless of what you do. Key to winning is equally "Kill Someone" as well as "Dont Die First")

Weakness in solo ranked arena: Dual Stealther opening burst. Puts you in survival mode for the rest of the round and never lets you go on the attack

Strength in solo ranked arena: Hydraulic Overrides, Off Heals
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