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10.28.2013 , 01:37 PM | #6
Purely from a pvp perspective, as someone who is succeeding as an arsenal merc in 4s, playing with a merc healer in 4s, and playing pyro in solo queue...

All specs:
- add a disengage move like hunters have in wow. We have a jetpack ffs. Would help us get off additional hard casts as well. 30m. 45 sec cooldown.

Bodyguard: In general, you need to model this class more off the paladin/shaman in wow since that's what it is
- some type of chain heal ability
- another instant cast such as a holy shock type of ability
- more buffs from using supercharged gas. it's interesting and makes merc healing fun

- dots being dispelled are ok, just make them tick harder. make the talent "only affects players" if it screws with pve too much. When I play pyro, the burst combos feel like they're just not quite enough. Harder ticking dots would make up for this. Lethality snipers are the perfect example of a dot class.

I feel arsenal is in a good place. I would suggest not to mess with heat management because I think it's in a great place and you can tell a noob from how they can manage their heat. If I had a disengage I would feel like arsenal merc was the most complete class in the game.

As I said in the sorc thread, watch mudclot's stream tonight for jugg tank, op heals, lightning sorc, arsenal merc. You will see our strengths and our issues as casters.