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I had a similar time happen back in college when I was working at a well known global chain of department stores, which I will not declare the name of. I was working as a stock person in the paper towel and toiletry isles by myself, which is a job for three people. I was overwhelmed with trying to get the product out of the packaging and properly displayed, and I was behind schedule. My boss came up and actually had to audacity to ask me, "What's up? How're you doing?"

I stopped and smiled as best I could and replied, "I'm glad you asked, Boss." I then went on for five minutes giving her a scientific explanation for finding the direction known as "Up". She simply nodded and listened to the whole speech. When I finished, she replied, "let me guess, you need some help to get finished on time."

I smiled back and replied, "You're so smart, boss. That would be very appreciated."

She walked away, and sent 3 more workers to help me get caught up.
LOL! When asked that question, I always say: The sky. People stop asking me that question.

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