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I just think the weaker classes need more innovation and creativity implemented within the class so that players have more to work with. The ideas I read on the class forums were not "game changing" if you ask me. People are limiting themselves with what they believe is appropiate when Musco himself said, "go crazy".
I don't think you're completely wrong on this point. My point above was that cc serves a purpose, as does class choice. Certain classes should be stronger in certain aspects than others, and the game shouldn't necessarily be balanced from a 1v1 perspective.

I don't mind innovation and creativity so long as it doesn't throw class roles and balance out the window. As of right now the game balance is decent outside of the issues I mentioned above.

What concerns me are changes made in the name of "innovation and creativity" doing away with the little bit of uniqueness left in the game between classes in addition to balance. The classes you mentioned having additional cc breakers would become hilariously OP in the hands of a good player. I know players that play Sorcs, Sins, and PTs that would crush with that kind of freedom. It would be like giving me cc immunity and damage resistance on leap on my Rage Jugg. People would be begging for nerfs if that was a thing.

I'm all for tactical items that change the way certain specs play, but ( for example ) under no circumstances should Vengeance Juggs be hitting like Rage Juggs in addition to dots. You can't have your cake and eat it too. If we're going to have changes "go crazy" should not be a part of it. The devs should use that energy to fix what's broken and make new pvp game modes.

I have not read all of Musco's ideas. I'll have to read up on them. The last time I read the tactical item post the majority of the responses were as follows:

1. Tanks want to do more damage in pvp.
2. Dps specs want to do more damage while touting increased survivability.

I'd much prefer nerfs to OP classes and small changes to specs for varieties sake; but not at the expense of balance.