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I have been playing thru the class storylines again since returning to the game, and only have a couple left to go. I already played thru the Trooper storyline back around launch, but have since deleted my Trooper character. I am looking to go thru the story one more time, if only to unlock the companion bonuses for my account.

However, I am torn between VG or Commando. I have a Mercenary BH that I love, so the playstyle of mando is very appealing to me. However...aesthetically, I hate the cannon that Commando's use. On the other hand, I love the "clone trooper/republic trooper" motif, and using a blaster rifle plus some of the armors in this game gives a really great aestetic for that, but I remember the visual look of the abilities was not nearly as good as a PT, which I may make in the future.

So long story short....which of the subclasses would you recommend? Has VG abilities gotten better/cooler looking since a few years ago? Should I go with VG for the class look aesthetic, or commando and deal with the cannon?
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