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Yep great idea, force cloak, lets drop all our threat to maintain the 4%. Oh my you guys are soooo smart. And your idea about timing, the problem is that the extra 2 seconds we have from maintaining our rotation for the 4% doesn't give us any options. When its time to move and it gets us at just the right moment, we lose the 4% of dr that is supposed to parallel us with the other tanks in armor rating.
You keep yammering about the same crap KBN, but yet never offer any alternatives. All you seem capable of doing is shouting down everyone.
Either give an idea on how to better play (something other than play better), or something BW can do to help us out a little. Or better yet shut up!
Ranting over and over again to prove your ego does nothing but confuse the small minded BW employees, and the have enough issues as is.
You're wrong you know. It doesn't matter if you lose aggro so long as you taunt right after. Assuming you've been swapping with the other tank or you're a decent way into the fight you should still be quite a bit ahead of losing the mob if you stealth out and back in and taunt.