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I have noticed some terrible Powertech tanks, they are usually in mediocre gear. I know for a fact that it's not the gear,
so I asked myself ***. Last week I decided to level my second Powertech tank. I get to level 10 and I'm excited to learn
when will I get my Jet Charge? I select show all at the trainer, I find I have to wait until level 59 ***. That was my eureka moment. I remember getting Jet Charge at an early level, not 59. I jump to the forums and asked: " Am mistaken or did PT get Jet Charge at an earlier level other than 59"?. Bioware for whatever reason decided to increase the level needed to attain Jet Charge, therefore a player leveling PT would not be familiar with Jet Charge.

From a tanking perspective, Jet Charge is integral to a PT rotation, you jump in getting two free flame sweeps, and if your Carbonizer is available you can also use it, you can agro a group of enemies without using a taunt. At what level does a Juggernaut receive force leap? I don't know when the Assassin receives Phantom Stride, the Assassin has a cloak and attacking while cloaked does generate agro (all eyes on me). Maybe there is a reason for making Powertechs wait for Jet Charge, I am not a Powertech expert. This just my two cents.

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